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Concentrates. What are they, how are they made and how do i choose?

Posted by Graeme Dixon on


Dipping into the world of concentrates for the first time can be very confusing. So many new products, ways to consume them and an overwhelming amount of new words and lingo to wrap your head around. Let me help you with this total beginners guide to cannabis concentrates and the process of it.

Lets start with what concentrates are. Cannabis concentrates are a concentrated mass of THC or CBD, which usually has an appearance like butter, honey, or hard Candy (See pictures below). It is highly potent, flavourful and very clean due to its extraction process. In return, this makes it a highly sought after product for both medicinal and recreational users. 

Now you are wondering what extraction is? Cannabis extraction is when compounds of the plant, like cannabinoids THC and CBD and terpenes are extracted out of the plant, using similar processes used to, say, produce Vitamins or decaffeinate coffee. There are a variety of extraction methods, some that use solvents to extract and some that use pressure, but the whole process is divided into two main categories. Solvent extractions and solvent-less extractions. Solvent extractions are the use of solvents, like butane, propane, alcohol and Co2, to strip away unwanted compounds of plant matter, leaving behind a highly potent and pure liquid. Solvent-less extractions, well they don't use any foreign substances like butane for extraction. Ice water and pressure is usually used for a solvent-less extraction (Although one could argue about water being a solvent).

Choosing can be overwhelming, as there are lots of different types of concentrates out there. Depending on what you want it for, whether its for medicinal purposes or recreational, this can play a factor in choosing the right concentrate. If your reasons are medicinal, i would firstly ask your doctor what they would recommend. Also, do as much research on it as you can and learn from other people. This is still a new medicine to us, and we are all still learning everyday about it. I also generally recommend sampling all the different types of concentrate, as they all have their differences, and we, as individuals respond to them differently. Some of my personal favourites would be full spectrum extracts, shatter, THC diamonds in terpene sauce and fresh live rosin. In my opinion, a good starting point would be some shatter. It is a good all around product in regards to flavour, potency and price point. Buuut If you want to start with the best of the best, then i would recommend going for a full spectrum extract (fse), or some live rosin. The flavour and smells that your pallet will experience with these ones are unbelievable, and i do warn you, there wont be any going back after lol.

There you have it, a very basic beginners guide to cannabis concentrates. I hope you enjoyed reading. Please subscribe to our mailing list so you never miss a blog post. Thanks



  • Replying to The Lettuce Lady: Its hard to tell and there may be some truth to that. I would personally ask somebody who is familiar with cannabis extractions. From what we have seen and researched its really hard to tell right now how pure your shatter is. It used to be how clear it is or if it was that nice golden/bronze colour but that doesn’t seem to be what people are saying anymore. Apparently the 2 colours that you do want to avoid in concentrates are black and green, as it hasn’t been refined enough or there may be the presence of chlorophyll. Colour differences may be to do with older material, more developed trichomes, excessive heat at purging process or perhaps left to dry a little too long. Shatter does loose a lot of its flavour (terpenes) from the extraction process anyway but i have found in my personal opinion to have enjoyed the more clear golden types of shatter. Hope this helps.

    The Smoking Quartz on

  • I’ve noticed a huge difference in flavour when it comes to shatter- essentially, the darker brown it is, to me, the fouler-tasting it is. When I asked why some varieties were opaque and some clear, I was told it just ‘depends on the strain’…but I’m not convinced. Could you shine some light on this??

    The Lettuce Lady on

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