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Why Reclaim Catchers are such an ingenious piece of glass!


10mm male oil catcher for dab rig

Im going to talk about Reclaim catchers and why i think they are a necessity for any dabber!

What they are

Reclaim collectors are that extra piece of glass that you often see attached to a dabbing rig. You know, the one which houses the Quartz banger. Well that is called a reclaim catcher, or a reclaim collector, or even an ash catcher for Bong users! It is quite an a original idea but dam its a good one! It is the definition of reuse and recycle!!

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What they do

You know all that dark looking gunk you see building up inside your rig? Well that is what is known as reclaim oil. It is vapour that has re-condensed back to a solid and it turns out you can reuse it! You can actually reuse it in quite a few different ways. The best and easiest way to collect and harvest your reclaim oil is by investing in a reclaim catcher (like pictured below). This stunning piece attaches to your dab rig and collects all of the reclaim oil in the little jar. Your dabbing rig will also stay cleaner and fresher for longer!

The Smoking Quartz oil catchers

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Why you need one

Reclaim oil is another form of concentrate and it’s very versatile so it would be a real shame to waste it! The most common method for reusing your reclaim oil is by simply dabbing it again through your dab rig and Quartz nail. Keep in mind though, I do find that the temperature of your Quartz banger doesn't need to be quite as hot, for dabbing reclaim oil. You would expect reclaim oil to taste foul but it doesn't, it’s actually quite nice! When you think about it, it’s basically a concoction of all the different strains that you have previously dabbed. You know those specialty J's you see people smoking, the ones with the coating of kief all over the outside. You can use your reclaim oil to make those, just simply brush on or dip your Js in the honey pot, it can act as a glue! You can use your reclaim oil to make a very strong pain killing rub, which I think is brilliant if you are quite an active person! Now don't just go and start rubbing sticky reclaim oil all over your body, you will regret it! It needs to be mixed with other oils or ISO rubbing alcohol. I would probably opt more for mixing it with a coconut or sesame oil over the rubbing alcohol. Using your reclaim oil for baking or putting on spreads is another great method for reuse. This method is actually quite smart because your reclaim oil is already decarboxylated from vapourisation, so you can add it straight to your baking or spreads! Fill up a little jar of reclaim over time and then make some brownies with it. A nice treat to look forward to. 

Fancy a different take on things, check out "The Lettuce Lady's" review on reclaim oil and reclaim catchers by clicking here. 

There you have it, why i think all dabbers should have this rig attachment. It basically pays for itself after a while as it collects all the reclaim oil that you normally waste. Recycling is good!!

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  • The Smoking Quartz

    Replying to The Lettuce Lady: Its pretty versatile stuff but i definitely recommend collecting it with a reclaim catcher because the chances of your reclaim oil mixing with the water from your dabbing rig is quite slim. Apparently mold can grow (which makes sense) if contaminated with water and left sitting for a while. This is why i would use a reclaim catcher instead of flushing it out of your dab rig with alcohol. Hope this helps.

  • The Lettuce Lady

    This is all such good information. Is there anything that can make reclaim oil unusable?

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