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Why does Quartz make for the best dabbing nail or banger.

Why does Quartz make the best dab nail or banger?

You have a few options when it comes to choosing the best dab nail for your rig: titanium, ceramic, or quartz. While each material has their own pros and cons, we’d like to point out why quartz is queen for vaporising your “essential oils.”

The benefits of using Quartz for dabbing


cannabis concentrate co2 extractedConcentrates hold so many wonderful smells and tastes in their terpenes, and you can often miss out on these flavours with materials like ceramic or titanium, especially if they get too hot. Titanium specifically can build up with titanium oxide residue- something you do not want to smoke.

With a quartz nail, you get nothing but flavour, and they can open your senses to the world of terpene tastes. Go one step further and combine that quartz banger with a carb cap (a tool to help with lower temperature dabs; shop our carb caps here!).


Quartz banger Q-tips and iso cleaner When used properly and regularly cleaned, there is not much to maintaining your quartz banger. We suggest keeping Q-tips close at-hand, so when you’re finished with your dab, you can wipe up the residue. What you leave behind on your banger also indicates if you’re dabbing at too high of temperatures. If you can’t easily wipe off the residue, then you’ve probably gone too hard with your torch, and probably have a thick black residue left behind (which you want to avoid!). If your banger gets frequent use, then you can always turn to a quick ISO and hot water soak.


A quartz nail just works differently than titanium or ceramic. In order to heat up those two materials, you need very high temperatures. And what often happens is you’ll torch away, only to have your nail cool off in an instant, or only to have half your terpenes burned away. Quartz does more gradual work of creating your vapour due to its thermal conductivity, can be used for lower temperature dabbing (which gives you more of those wonderful terpenes), and will cool off at a more gradual rate.


Butane torch heating the smoking quartz bangerQuartz glass is specifically designed to withstand extreme heat, and for long periods of time. This is super important as this affects the nail’s fragility. A ceramic nail is considered fragile because a) it can break when heated or cooled, and b) it runs a higher risk of breaking the more you heat it up.

Quartz banger are becoming more and more popular every day due to their durability, their heat retention, and the fact that they make for a more enjoyable and more pure experience. When cleaned and maintained regularly, a high-quality quartz banger should get you a year’s worth of everyday use.

All our quartz bangers are of the highest quality, and produce that terpene-tasting, pure vapour you seek.
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Written by, Bernadette Gallagher, @Beeswriting

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