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Why I chose concentrates.

In short form, concentrates are cleaner, more flavourful and a lot more potent, but  let me tell you how and why I got into the world of concentrates.

I have been an avid herb user for about 12/13 years now, but I started using concentrates about 3 years ago. I am a very active person, always have been and i play football/soccer about 2/3 times a week. I am 31 now, but as i was approaching my late twenties, i started occasionally noticing my chest feeling a little tight while playing soccer (especially after a night of seshing). This is when i tried to find different ways of ingesting, instead of smoking. I tried edibles, Phoenix tears etc, all which were great products and have their occasions, but just not for me. I needed something economical, convenient and, well, fast acting! I have a buddy, who at that time was experimenting with concentrates for the first time. (I was aware of concentrates at that time just never really gave it any thought) That was pretty much it for me then! Once i tried it for the first time and tasted those terps, as well as knowing that i was now vapourising, i was sold! Don't get me wrong, it can be surprisingly tricky to master the perfect dab, but when you master the art of dabbing, you will be going back for more (just not right away though lol). Concentrates have a lot more flavour and are a lot more cleaner (in my opinion they are good for you with a balanced diet) because its essentially the oils etc stripped out of the plant, so your finished product has no excess plant matter or any toxins. Just a pure product. 

I don't ever get a tight chest playing soccer anymore and i never have that next day uncomfortable chest feeling after a sesh. I literally feel like i could rip dabs and go run a marathon! Stay lit folks...



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