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Why it has to be Quartz when choosing a dab nail!

Posted by Graeme Dixon on


In this post i am going to talk about why i think you need to go Quartz when it comes to vaping your essential oils. 


I will get right into it with flavour! Yes, flavour is probably the main reason why Quartz is becoming so popular with the ever evolving world of concentrates. Concentrates hold an incredible amount of flavour and when you combine that with a good quality Quartz banger and carb cap at low temperature, it will open your senses to a whole new world of terpene tasting! 

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Easy Maintenance 

If a Quartz nail is used correctly its actually pretty easy to maintain. I recommend getting yourself some Q-tips (*Tip-I keep a small handful of Q-tips in a tin by my dab station-pictured below), take low temp dabs and just mop up the excess oil left over in the bucket. (*Tip-There should always be a small amount of oil left behind after a successful low temp dab! There would be a black burnt residue if too hot!).

showing Dab station with a tin of Q-Tips for clean up

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Heat Retention

Quartz has the best heat retention which is perfect for hitting those flavourful low temp dabs! You can also get your Q-tipping done at the end. Quartz bangers come in many different thicknesses, i recommend 2.5mm-3mm thickness.


Your Quartz nail will not break if it has been overheated! In fact, there is no such thing as overheating your Quartz nail! Quartz glass has been specially designed to withstand a lot of heat for a long time! So you don't need to worry about it shattering or breaking on you. Depending on what type of Quartz banger you buy, where it was made and how often you use it etc, will determine how long your Quartz nail will last. A Good quality American made Quartz banger should get you roughly, 8-12 months everyday use! A budget banger will roughly get you around 3 months!

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I find using a titanium nail doesn't taste as nice, you can definitely taste more terpenes with a Quartz surface. Titanium looses a lot of its heat retention sooner, after multiple uses. Then you have ceramic, which in my opinion breaks way too easy! I find it breaks if it gets heated on the same spot multiple times for too long. 

All of the nails have their pros and cons, but for me, the Quartz banger comes out on top! The flavours that you can access with a good quality Quartz nail, there is just no going back!

It is also important to source good quality Quartz to prevent ingesting unwanted materials!

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