* We're switching up, Van City Quartz coming soon *

The Quartz range


 Whether you're looking for a high end engraved Quartz banger or something more in the budget range, we got you covered! All Bangers are quality assured!

The Luxury Quartz range, carefully hand crafted by our friends at "Long Island Glass" with nothing but the finest American Quartz! We aren't cutting any corners here. That is why they were rated best etched Quartz from "Hightimes" magazine!

The Budget banger range, these Quartz nails are hand made from quality import Quartz, check out the seamless welds! They are seriously robust, so much we put our name on them! (Budget bangers come with free insert, excludes Splash guard and E-nails)

Budget quartz banger opaque

Why Quartz is Queen!