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(Sale) Quartz Banger Opaque (Free insert)
(Sale) Quartz Banger Opaque (Free insert)
(Sale) Quartz Banger Opaque (Free insert)
(Sale) Quartz Banger Opaque (Free insert)
(Sale) Quartz Banger Opaque (Free insert)

(Sale) Quartz Banger Opaque (Free insert)

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The opaque bottom quartz banger revolutionizes the quartz nail game! The Opaque bottom provides a better heat retention and more surface area than the traditional style. Want to know more on why Quartz is the best surface to dab on, click here!

*Bonus* - Receive a free Quartz insert - Perfect temp every time.

  • Seamless welding 
  • Opaque Bottom for faster heat up
  • Beveled top
  • 10mm & 14mm joints available 
  • 90 & 45 angles available
  • 25mm Bucket 
  • 2.5mm thick walls & 4mm thick bottom

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Amazing bangers, my go to.

No complaints ever. I’ve bought a few now and they never disappoint.

Best banger I’ve bought for under 100 bucks

Keeps heat well 100 percent high quality glass dabbing straigh rosin on this banger only

Hello Ryan, thanks for the positive review! Glad you are liking your new product and keep slaying that rosin!

Amazing bangers at an amazing price

I can’t say enough good about these bangers, at $35 each you’d be hard pressed to find a better deal. After several months of heavy use my banger looks virtually brand new. Retains heat extremely well and the beveled edges help to keep a perfect seal. I liked these so much I ended up ordering three more for all my rigs and will continue to use the Smoking Quartz going forward.

Thank you very much and we appreciate your custom

Trial and Error is OVER

This banger taught me about quality bangers, and appropriate price-points. I am new to dabbing, and I've been trying different products available locally to me. I found myself replacing charred bangers frequently, and being told it is completely normal at the 40$ price point. I discovered just how untrue this statement was when I ordered the Opaque Budget Banger. After using it consistently (read: a lot) for a week, it looks exactly the same as it did when I got it. No flaws, no pitting, nothing! For the culinary-minded: Using this banger compared to the ones I used to get is like cooking with copper pots when you've only ever used stainless steel. You have greater control over the temperature range, which in turn allows you to get the most out of your concentrates.

The Opaque bottom quartz banger is truly something, we are glad that you are enjoying it! We also appreciate your support and kind words.

Budget banger opaque bottom

Absolutely loving my new banger! Flawless weld and perfect angles. You cant any better for the crazy low price! Highly recommended for any dab enthusiast.

Thank you David, we appreciate your business. Enjoy ✌